Intelligence Gathering

Delitor Intelligence Gathering

Delitor takes intelligence packets to the next level by utilizing cutting edge technology in conjunction with proven techniques to gather data, analyze open source information, and re-package the information we find into concise, easy to comprehend presentations that can be used to assist in criminal investigations and in-depth intelligence research for corporations, government agencies, and law enforcement.


Utilizing state of the art technology ensures us reliable results every time.


A streamlined process of intelligence gathering allows us to provide a more complete picture of information.

Data Analysis

Experts on staff use their expertise along with the best tools available to analyze complex data and report their findings.


Once results are found, the information is compiled into a unique and easy to understand presentation as part of the final report.

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"Delitor's Intelligence Gathering Capabilities are an Integral part of our Organization and play a Critical Role in the day to day success of our operations"

CET-COE (Child Exploitation Targeting - Center of Excellence)