Delitor Training

Delitor’s talented team of consultants provide the platform, tools, and staff necessary to create the perfect training environment for corporations, government agencies, law enforcement, military, and educational institutions who wish to increase their knowledge of the intelligence and cyber security realms.

Tools & Software

Use of cutting-edge tools and software in training assures students are educated on the latest technologies.

Experienced Team

Instructors are proven leaders in their field with experience in the subject matter they instruct as well as teaching experience.

Real World Knowledge

Instructors are encouraged to remain in their field so they stay current on all new developments.

Modular Courses

Learning modules and classroom environments are flexible and custom designed to meet the needs of our clientele.

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“The training was very informative. It is on my list of top 5 trainings I have taken this year. I am looking forward to hopefully attending the advanced course.”

Delitor Student